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Curator Hadas Glazer


In this installation Hili Greenfeld created an imaginative reconstruction of a historic battle, however the starting point is not history, rather memory. Greenfeld put pictures of soldiers from different military operations and wars into the snow globes, the kind that are sold in every souvenir shop. The snow globes tempt you to come a little closer, to touch them, to look at them, all while instilling a tangible, physical presence in the world. They allow a fixed stare at the fighters’ photographs, one that passes through a whirlwind of glitter and turns the jailed images into dream-like, controversial images. The snow globes become a game, each picture within them a historical witness of the war and a singular point of fixation which is clean of any personal memory of war.

The installation on the table seeks to connect the battle experience to an everyday, meaningless object, which is thus charged with meaning by the memory. The table acts as a platform on which the memory can develop, grow, change and absorb new meanings throughout time.

This installation raises questions on the relationships between history, memory and nostalgia, concepts that often merge into each other, however continue to exist with individual complexity.

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