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Press and Publications, summer 2020

Post Digital Clouds, The Melopedia, 2019

ArtPremium, winter edition 2018, print

Art from the other side, Barri Davis, Jerusalem Post (english), 2017

A piece of experience in the palm of your hand, David (Duchy) Cohen, Makor Rishon Weekend edition, 2017 (hebrew),

Plundered insights, Shaul Setter, Gallery, Haaretz (hebrew), 2017

Artist wants to return paintings he stole during the 1973 war, Wadih Awadah, Al-QUDS Al ARABI (arabic), 2017

City Mouse interview, Minha Nofa (hebrew), 2017

Yom Kippur War booty makes artist yearn for links, Jessica Steinberg Times of Israel (english), 2017

Art Daily, new exhibitions, The Sweet Water Canal Exhibition (english), 2017

Slovenian national tv on The Moly Matrimony Exhibition, 2016

New exhibitions, The Persian Princess, Eitan Buganim, Haaretz Gallery (hebrew), 2016

Home(less)ness. Geographies of Identity, a zine, edited by Luna Goldberg & Anne van den Bergh, page 43, 2016

New exhibitions, Anagoge, Eitan Buganim ,Haaretz Gallery (hebrew), 2015

Mary taking Over, Harama magazine Surveillance edition, 2015

It is safer to look behind, NRG culture, 2015

Harama magazine Disgraphy edition, digital collages, Things that are gone, 2014

Lablama Body Project, Exhibition catalogue, pages 56-59, NY, 2009

Interview, Abstract Now, Kayma Gallery, Jaffa 2009

The limits of movement of art, Smadar Shefi, Haaretz Gallery, (hebrew), 2007

One saint, Yuval Ninio, Israel Today, Culture, page 16, print, 2007

For the house, Niv Chaclili, Maariv, Culture, (hebrew)

Bezalel Graduate Exhibition, Yonatan Hirschfeld, The new gallery, artend 31.7.2007

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