Danse Macabre

Side View of the Polyptych
The Child
The Cripple
The Warrior
The Usurer
The Burgher
The Monk
The Bishop
The Cardinal
The Queen
The King
The Pope
Side View of the Polyptych
Front View of the Polyptych

A polytypic of 11 acrylic paintings (each 65X55 cm). Part of the Moly Matrimony installation. 2016

Based  on the late medieval frescoes of the Dance of Death in the Holy Trinity Church in the village of Hrastovlje. The frescoes show people from all social strata moving towards a freshly dug grave, each escorted by a skeleton representing their deaths.

Greenfeld creates eleven paintings by using figures borrowed from the original and by replacing their skeletal escorts with her own symbol of death. The latter is a copy of a figure with a piano keyboard drawn by a six-year old child, a boy whom the artist was very fond of and who died.

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