Uta and Sulde

oil on canvas, set in an environment built of plaster, wirenet, pigments and plastic flowers, 2014.

A painting of the embossed Uta from the Naumburg Cathedral (also used as a model for the mother in Disney's Snow White).
The work is Based on a postcard I received from a past lover.  The postcard hung at my studio for years reminding me of a childhood film I loved, Disney's Snow White. The image of Uta became loaded with different memories what led me make her the subject of an Art work .

Accessories have been attached to the canvas: a Buddha amulet, a flag and a wand. The multiple symbols point in different directions; although each is charged with meaning, together they threaten to neutralize each other. I built the altar for Uta but also in order to recharge the significance of painting.

Uta and Sulde
Uta in Anagoge Exhibition 2015
Uta painting close up
Uta with white flag in Hili Land