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Opening online solo exhibition! MAGIFA 18 January – 7 March at ONCA Gallery

MaGifa is an online exhibition of new works by artist Hili Greenfeld. Hili was scheduled to be ONCA’s artist in residence in July last year, with a subsequent solo exhibition following in August, but the ongoing coronavirus outbreak meant this couldn’t take place.

MaGifa (meaning pandemic in Hebrew) reveals new works created by the artist during the first lockdown in Tel Aviv, Israel. This body of work consists of delicate pencil and pen drawings – depicting imagined abandoned spaces containing structures, plants and animals. The drawings have been animated to include subtle movements and shapes, referencing the games played and music listened to by the artist and her son as they passed time indoors.

Hili says: “As happened to many people, all of my projects were cancelled or postponed to an unknown date when the corona crisis began in early 2020. My everyday life was reduced to the most basic things: cooking, a walk in our neighbourhood garden, and playing with Aviv, my 18 month-old son. It felt like the stasis of an ‘ongoing-present’. On the one hand the news gave a sense of the apocalypse, but on the other hand every day seemed the same as the previous one.”


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